Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Dear Friends,

Today I had interaction with our Germany supplier who has come to Chennai for vehicle testing.

His name is Fritag from Stuttgart, Germany.

After completion of our work, while coming back today I thought to ask about their cine filed and level of interest on cinema.

So that I prepared the list and handed over to him to fill it. The list contains the following details.

Most famous movie directors
Famous Actor,Actress & Music director.
Most famous movies.

As I know that I am zero in the knowledge of world cinema, I want to know it.

During discussion I came to know that Germany cine field is dominated by Hollywood. They like to watch only Hollywood movies.

Also he wish to watch the Oscar award won movie "Slump Dog Millionaire". His friends opinion on this movies at Germany is not good. However he wants to watch it and say his opinion.

I told about our ARR & OSCAR. He replied me " Yes, I heard it, So I want to see the movie".[he doesn't care about ARR]

The filled list by him as below:

1. Most Famous movie director in Germany: I don't know...whole night I have to think to answer this.

2. Famous Actor: Till Seweiger

3. Famous Actress: Auue Will

4. Famous Music director; Waguer

5. Best Film : November Kind , Das Test

Really I didn't hear ed sofar anything about above information. Anybody knows please educate me.

Additional Info:

He is very scared about our Chennai traffic & people attitude. And I told about our spl joint family culture in India. He replied me " Soon the Indian culture will also become European culture like separate family". And he added that "once people are educated well , economically rich & independent , automatically they depart from family. It is going to happen soon in India" !!!!?

[ Due to laziness, I typed in Thanglish...Sorry Tamilians]

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